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By admin • 10 January 2015 •

Transparent_Waste_Mgmt_LogoBe A Hero To Your CFO!

No matter what your official job title is, everyone loves the executive that thinks about new ways to drive profitability and cost savings for their company.

Simply put – help your CFO add to the bottom line, and you are instantly a superstar.

TaxBreak, your tax credit recovery provider, would like to introduce you to a new way for your company to offset the cost of operations. Many companies fail to realize their tax credit opportunities in the new hire process, and each year companies forfeit millions of dollars in profitability by failing to maximize efficiencies in the waste management process. This could be costing your company millions of dollars a year.

Even the most efficient waste management operations can benefit from a review to ensure that vendors are not overcharging for their services or to consolidate all services to one invoice for a more efficient process.

Just like our tax credit recovery process, this service is also contingency based so there is no upfront cost or risk to your organization – Your company can only gain from having us take a look.

Please contact us today to learn more about our free review process through the Efficient Waste Strategies division, a neon company, or forward this to the proper party in your organization.

If you like to know more, please CLICK HERE.

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