State Workforce Agencies Process Record Number Of WOTC Certifications In FY 2013

By admin • 31 December 2014 • Category One

Fiscal Year 2013 WOTC certifications containing state and national totals for each WOTC target group have been received from the Department of Labor.

A record 1,591,000 certifications were issued to employers by State Workforce Agencies during Fiscal Year 2013—33% above the highest number of certifications ever recorded.

Certification indicates SWA has verified eligibility of a worker for WOTC; receipt of certification allows employers to claim the tax credit on their tax return.

Food stamp recipients—essentially the low income population—comprised by far the largest number of certifications in FY 13, nearly 1.2 million of 1.6 million total.

Allowing for veterans and people with disabilities included in the total for food stamp recipients, an estimated 200,000 veterans and 100,000 people with disabilities were certified for WOTC in fiscal 2013 based on data in the DOL report.

WOTC wasn’t in effect for entire calendar year 2012 and SWA’s didn’t process employer requests for certification of workers hired that year. Rather, employers’ requests were held in backlog by SWA’s for processing after WOTC was renewed retroactively by Congress, which occurred on January 2, 2013.

As a result, during FY 2013 SWA’s appear to have processed a large part of the backlog from FY 12 and earlier, as well as a large part of the new hires for FY 13.


President, WOTC Coalition

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