Finance Committee Marks Up Senate Highway Bill Today

By admin • 07 January 2015 •

Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to markup Chairman Wyden’s proposed mark of the Highway Bill today at 2:30 PM.

The Wyden Amendment to attach WOTC and other EXPIRE tax extenders to the bill will be debated, and likely voted on, during the markup.

So far, there’s been no agreement on Republican demands that spending cuts be used to fund the bill.  As Democrats hold a majority of the Committee the mark may pass over Republican objections, but this means  Democrats will have to win at least six or seven Republicans to their side in order to reach the sixty votes needed to pass the bill on the Senate floor.

Having WOTC and other EXPIRE tax extenders in the bill will be a plus for gaining Republican support on the Senate floor.

House Ways and Means Committee is marking up their version of the Highway bill, H.R. 5021, “Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014” today also.  The Committee meets at 10:00 AM.



President, WOTC Coalition

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