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Tax season is in full swing and it is time to make sure you are not leaving any money on the table. At TaxBreak, we are committed to finding our clients all the credits and incentives that they qualify for. We make it our mission to reduce income taxes that your business owes, which means more money to go back into your bottom-line. One very important incentive, The Empowerment Zone Employment Credit, is curtail to take advantage of this season. If not handled correctly, you could lose an entire year of credits that you rightfully deserve.

The Empowerment Zone Employment Credit is an incentive that has been made available to businesses located within geographic areas that are defined as Empowerment Zones. If your business is located within one of these zones and your employees also live within these zones, your business qualifies for the Empowerment Zone Employment Credit.  The purpose of this tax credit is to stimulate the economy in those particular areas.

The benefit to you as an employer begins with taking advantage of this credit this tax season, because the law allows us to go back three years previous. This means, in actuality, that you can get credit for up to four years (this year, and three previous) if you act now. This could be worth up to $3,000 per year for each qualifying employee.

How do you know if you are able to benefit from the Empowerment Zone Employment Credit? That is where we come in. Let TaxBreak handle all the specifics for you. As always, there is no financial risk in using our services. We win when you win! For more information, on The Empowerment Zone Employment Credit, please contact CEO Shannon Scott, at 256-399-0244 or at

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