Reasons I am in Love with my TaxBreak Team

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A Love Letter from CEO Shannon Scott to His Employees

Love is in the air and there is no better time to fall in love with TaxBreak’s team of leading tax recovery professionals. It is easy for me to fall in love with TaxBreak, considering that we focus only on finding client’s lost cash flow (even better than finding a lost lover), especially when those discoveries can be worth up to $9,600 per new hire.

But I am also very proud of the fact that my staff continues to bring our clients premium customer service. You may have never heard of tax credit recovery or may have thought that this was being handled sufficiently by another department within your company.  Please allow me to highlight our superior services, as well as give you a look into why I have fallen in love with our team of dedicated professionals.

We are proud to have a team that is structured with over fifteen years of industry experience and whose main goal is to provide profitable growth through tax credit recovery. All of our departments work together as one in order to maintain our status as being the leading tax credit recovery experts.

We have grown to over 75,000 client locations and are continuing to grow.  Our offices are growing too, with a scheduled move in March to a larger facility; we continue to find more and more clients who are taking advantage of our risk free service.

Tax Break’s sales professionals can answer any questions and their expert knowledge is what makes us the best job in the biz. They are the locomotive of our company.

Our Client Relations Managers and Customer Service Experts are always available to assist with every aspect of the process that is involved with tax credit recovery.  Our clients have fallen in love with the service that they receive.

The Calculations and Processing Departments work very hard to make sure that your company’s credits are accurate and timely. They are diligent and exceed expectations on a daily basis.

We have an innovative Marketing and Public Relations Department that continually strives to be on par with current trends that continue to catapult our sales and personal growth.

Our team continually meets goals. I am proud of the lasting relationships that our employees have built and sustained with our clients

If you think your company is ready to fall in love with a risk free profit, than please contact us today!


Happy Valentine’s Day Team and thank you all for your hard work and devotion.


Shannon Scott

CEO of TaxBreak

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