About Us

Founded in 1998, TaxBreak has focused solely on tax credit recovery and is honored to be recognized as an industry leader in tax credit processing. Our focus on capturing the maximum credits for our clients has never wavered. If we don’t find every penny that is available for our clients, we fail.

Over the past 15 years, we have developed a long-standing relationship with government agencies, which has allowed us to unify our systems with numerous government systems, granting us unique access. This access allows us to obtain all the resources available to companies in order to recover the most tax credits available.

Our longevity as a company has provided us with a foundation that allows us to offer superior knowledge of tax credit recovery, including 3,000 state, zone and WOTC opportunities. Our proprietary technical solutions create a faster, simplified process for our clients, typically resulting in 40-50% more tax credits than other providers.

TaxBreak had the distinguished pleasure of being presented with the Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Company award, for 3 years in a row.

A Note from Our CEO

When envisioning the potential of 2015, I make sure to keep in mind a wise piece of advice my grandfather gave me long ago; make every penny count. In a slowed economy, these words have never been truer. As a capital recovery company, these words have never been more imperative.

Every member of the TaxBreak team understands the significance of our mission to add to our client’s bottom line. We employ the most dedicated and knowledgeable capital recovery professionals in the country. We work diligently to assist clients in taking advantage of the programs available to reduce the cost of doing business. These financial opportunities allow businesses to decrease the financial risk of hiring employees, decrease the cost of research and development and help expand training programs, amongst other benefits.

Simply put, when businesses expand, TaxBreak finds you additional cash to offset expansion costs. Our fee is based on the success of your return. That means our own profitability is dependent on how successful we are at discovering additional cash flow for our clients. There is no financial risk for your company to explore these opportunities, so what do you have to lose?

After a simple consultation you can easily identify that your company can only gain from our services. Our extensive resources, including seasoned recovery professionals, will work on your behalf to identify the financial opportunities you may be missing today.

Unlike companies that require upfront fees, we accept the financial risk and have no problem performing first. The better job we do for our clients, the better our company does. With no upfront costs or risk to the company, this becomes truly found money.

It is simple, yet effective motivation. We are capital recovery experts and are the best at what we do. Thank you for visiting us today and taking the time to learn about us, but we would be even happier to learn about you. Please reach out to us via our sales team at 800-992-0163.


Shannon Scott




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